USS2 is a private, wholesale Australian investment trust established by USSFM in 2015 as part of an ongoing strategy to gain exposure to the growing UK self storage industry through a portfolio of established self storage facilities.


In a joint venture with Big Yellow Group (BYG), USS2 was established to acquire a portfolio of 4 self storage centres located in the north-west of England, then operating under the BIG brand.

BYG manages the centres which now trade under the Armadillo brand (the Armadillo 2 Portfolio). USS2 has an 80% investment in the Armadillo 2 Portfolio, with 20% ownership by BYG.

Following the acquisition of a further 2 established self storage centers in March 2018, the Armadillo 2 Portfolio consists of 6 regional centres. The portfolio has a combined installed self storage capacity of 377,000 sq. ft. The Armadillo 2 Portfolio has an independently assessed market value of approximately £48.425 million as at 31 March 2021.


Through USS2, USSFM is pursuing a roll-up strategy in the UK self storage market, in conjunction with its industry leading partner, BYG. We look to acquire established centres in strong, regional markets and leverage off the economies of scale and operating expertise of BYG to grow the occupancy, profitability and value of the centres under the Armadillo banner.