Our Approach


We pursue investment opportunities in a range of international markets that are ready for self storage.

Starting in the 1970’s, self storage now has an extensive history as an attractive, property backed, investment class. The presence of similar demand drivers means the industry has grown from its origins in the United States into other international markets. It is a business model that can bridge any local cultural conditions as the economic and demographic outcomes of growing economies create the demand for self storage. Our extensive international experience, expertise and industry contacts enables us to identify attractive opportunities in markets that exhibit the demand drivers and attributes necessary to deliver a successful self storage investment strategy. The USSFM team has operated in a number of countries including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Republic of South Korea, the United Kingdom and continental Europe.


We are focused on investment opportunities in all aspects of the self storage sector.

Our founders have experience in every stage of the self storage investment cycle, including development, acquisition, construction, ownership, operations, and investment realisation, in the Australian and international markets. Each opportunity is assessed by our Investment Committee to determine the best strategy and format for investment to suit the local market. Once the investment strategy has been selected, we then seek to partner with the best local candidates to achieve our investment objectives.


We pursue strategies to generate sustainable investment returns.

We pursue self storage opportunities in selected markets that have the assessed attributes to generate sustainable investment returns over the medium to long term. Self storage has been an attractive and strong performing defensive investment class over the past few decades. It can be a highly cash generative business with relatively low occupancy volatility across economic cycles and stabilised cashflows at maturity, making the investment well suited to gearing and distributions. We also seek to achieve our investment objectives in an environmentally sustainable manner. As an example, all of our recent self storage developments in Australia are equipped with large solar systems and energy efficient lighting to reduce the centre’s energy demand from traditional sources.

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